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Wembley Loudspeaker repair and restore nearly every loudspeaker imaginable from a blown disco speaker to a rare vintage 1960's AC 30 to old studio JBL, Mission and Acoustic Research.

Whether its economics (repairing a speaker will be cheaper than replacing one) or a special unit you don't want lose as part of 'your sound', we will restore the speaker to it's 'good as new' sound, using original components where possible.

We understand that you will want your speakers turned around as quickly as possible, so customers can bring units into our Shepherds Bush unit or ship them to us.

Wembley Loudspeaker has extensive knowledge and understanding regarding the make up of loudspeakers, from vintage to modern units. Having repaired all kinds of speakers for clubs, bars, churches, pro audio companies, musicians including BB King and Eric Clapton to the 'local' gigging bands and discos, they have unrivalled access to a huge range of components through an international network of suppliers and a considerable stockpile in their London facility.

A team of craftsmen who dedicate all of their time to speaker refurbishment combine to make Wembley Loudspeaker Europe's leading centre for speaker repair and refurbishment.

If you have a speaker in need of repair contact us now.