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  HPi-8 Installation cabinets
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  15 1200 Nemesys
  B Line 2820 Sub

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  B Line 18 800


Wembley Loudspeaker is dedicated to producing quality sound. With its own range of speakers, Wembley Loudspeaker offers an installation service for clubs, bars, churches and live music venues, designing and installing the most suitable sound system to the requirements and particular characteristics of each venue.

Wembley Loudspeaker's new Hpi-8 cabinets have been produced specifically for installation purposes; although compact and therefore very non-intrusive they deliver an incredibly full sound. If required, other speakers will be incorporated into the design of an installation, along with all of the appropriate amplifiers and control systems.

Wembley Loudspeaker has worked particularly closely with Sound Force installing equipment into venues from Italy to Ireland to Islington! Sound Force carry out the actual installation work and help source the electronic equipment required to ensure every venue receives a professional level of sound-system with built in safety features.

Wembley Loudspeaker and Sound Force believe that once a system is installed it should deliver the highest quality of sound, be easy to use, be virtually impossible to damage and require little no maintenance (refer to the Rose & Crown in Rimini - still running 24 / 7, eleven years after installation and never needed a visit!).