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This 18" woofer has been developed as a fully professional transducer to reproduce faithfully and without colouration all bass/sub frequencies.

This driver features a unique triple-chambered extended pole piece to aid cooling.

Another feature on the back of the pole piece is a threaded (16mm) hole to enable an additional fixing to support the chassis and ensure complete stability. With a continuous RMS rating of 800 watts (peak 1100W) and a free air resonance of 25Hz, this unit will provide the user with superb, long term "bottom nd" which is truly amazing to experience.

Manufactured by Wembley Loudspeaker Co Ltd, this hand-built unit is competitively priced and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Brief Technical Specifications
Thiele-Small Parameters B Line 18-800 8 Ohms
Fs (Free air): 25hz
Qa: 2.43
Qe: 0.26
Qt: 0.24
Vd: 1105 cc
Vas: 412 ltrs
Cms: 0.00024M/N
Mmd: 0.169 KG
Rms: 10.92 Mech ohms
Lvc: 3.1 mH
BL Factor: 24.17 T-m
Re: 5.75 Ohms
Cone Diameter: 37.5 Cm
Cone area: 1105 sq. cms
X Max: 10mm