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B Line 600, is the ultimate 18" loudspeaker. It has been developed for continuous high power, low frequency bass reproduction.

This specially designed transducer has a massive double magnet assembly containing 2 ferrite rings each 200mm x 24mm. A long throw pole piece (62mm) enables the long throw 4 x layer aluminium and copper voice coil to move without bottoming.

This high excursion drive is controlled by a dual suspension system which ensures correct centring in the air gap at all times. Finally, special Beryllium wires connect this coil, via the 70grm Cone to spring terminals on the chassis.

The chassis is a heavy duty cast aluminium frame, designed in such a way so as to eliminate unwanted resonance's.

Brief Technical Specifications
Usable Frequency: 25hz-2khz
Power Handling(cont. RMS): 1000watts
Power Handling(Peak Average): 800watts
Nominal Impedances offered: 4/8/16 ohms
D.C. resistances: 2.8/5.2/11 ohms
Sensitivity (AV 1watt/1m): 100db
Sensitivity(Peak Usable): 106db
Qts: 0.24
Q. Max: 19mm
Vd.: 814cc
Vas.: 0.53m x 3
Magnet Assemblies: 9.7kg(21.4lb)
Voice coil material: Copper HML
Voice coil former: Aluminium
Voice coil sizes: 77mm x 25mm
3" x 1"
4 layer
Chassis: Cast aluminium
Net weight: 13kg(35lb)
Shipping weight: 16kg(35lb)
M.M.D.: 140grms
B.L. Factor: 21 tesla