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B Line 2820 This specially developed Bass Cabinet has been designed so that the maximum amount of energy can be achieved from the smallest possible enclosure. It can be used to augment the full range cabinets Wembley Loudspeaker produce.

The cabinet only measures 28 x 27 x 20" (71 x 69 x 51cms) and is available with either a B Line 600w / 800w 18" Loudspeaker, which fires into a series of chambers to produce a tight, deep exciting bass. This quality has not previously been achieved in such a small box. .

The 2820 is now regarded by many installers, club owners, P.A. companies and mobiles as the best enclosure for accurate reproduction of exciting bass.

The 2820 can be used wherever overall size is an important parameter in setting up a system - either for permanent installations or mobile use.

Brief Technical Specifications
Loudspeaker Used: B Line 600 18"
Power Handling RMS (cont): 600 (without clipping)
Power Handling Peak: 1000 (without clipping)
Impedance's Offered: 4/8/16 ohms
Dimensions: 28 x 27 x 20ins
(71 x 69 x 51cms)
Sensitivity 1w/1m: 99db at 45hz.
Peak SPL at 1m: 130db
Rec. Cut-off point: 125 - 150hz
Usable Frequency: 25hz to Cut-off
Weight: 42kgs
Cabinet Material: 18mm Birch Ply Carpet covered