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These superb cabinets have been developed for the serious gigging entertainer, who wants a "concert" system in one moveable box.

The design has enabled a genuine full-range, full on, easily transported loudspeaker with awesome SPL and clarity which can be used for live bands and entertainers, discos or theatre.

The 15 800's contain a pair of PTP 15-190 15" Driver and a TP 380 Flare along with a proprietary European Compression Driver and adjustable crossover, with all the necessary protection built in.

Technical Specifications
Loudspeaker Used: Two PTP 15-190 1" Driver
Compression Driver: TP 380 Flare
90 x 40 degrees
Power Handling RMS (cont): 800w (without clipping)
Power Handling Peak: 1000w
Impedance's Offered: 4 ohms
Dimensions: 118h x 51w x 66d
Sensitivity 1w/1m: 98db 1w / 1m
Peak SPL at 1m: 127db
Crossover point: 2.5 khz / 18db -octave
Usable Frequency: 35 hz-20 khz
Weight: 70kg's
Cabinet Material: 18mm Birch Ply Carpet covered