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These two-way speaker enclosures ooze quality, having been developed for the serious gigging entertainer, who wants a "concert" system in one moveable box.

The design has enabled a genuine full-range, full on, easily transported loudspeaker with awesome SPL and clarity which can be used by the most serious live act, for discos or theatre.

The 15 1200 Nemesys contain two Volt 600w 15" radial speakers and a TP 380 Flare along with a proprietary European Compression Driver and adjustable crossover, with all the necessary protection built in.

The cabinet is rigidly constructed, in black carpet as standard or cabinet paint, weighing in a 75kg they are very hardwearing. Fittings include 4 heavy duty metal grab handles, wheels and a full size front metal grill.

Technical Specifications
Loudspeaker Used: Two Volt 15" 'Spyder' radial
Compression Driver: TP 380 Flare
90 x 40 degrees
Power Handling RMS (cont): 1200w (without clipping)
Power Handling Peak: 1600w
Impedance's Offered: 4 ohms
Dimensions: 118h x 51w x 66d
Sensitivity 1w/1m: 98db 1w / 1m
Peak SPL at 1m: 133db
Crossover point: 2.5 khz / 18db -octave
Usable Frequency: 33 hz-20 khz
Weight: 75kg's
Cabinet Material: 18mm Birch Ply Carpet covered